New Creations

This is a really interesting piece of news: thanks to Vida Klenovšek, designer and pet photographer, who has stimulated me to create and has provided me recycle materials from the leather collars of PETIIT PETHAUS, I started to make a few leather blracelets. Seeing that I liked it, I bought some new leather and I will soon start making something out of it. At present I have made a few bracelets and rings, all with recycle material, but I'll soon put photos of my own leather objects.
black bracelet with red plait
red double-layer with white snaked texture decoration
black with red decoration
white double-layer with rainbow snaked texture ornament
black with three clasps
black and red with central ring
red double-layer
black with sand snaked texture decoration and clasps
red double-layer with clasps
black with red heart, blue moon and yellow star decorations


petiit pethaus said…
e brava Mary! bel esempio di eco-riciclaggio design :)
Wolkowo said…
Nice start , a bit avandgarde and modern style , I agree with Vida.
Marina , we have new homepage :
You are invited to view it .


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