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In 3 days Bonnie will be 4 months old... approaching the "ugly age" as some breeders might define it... but still looking amazing! I made the best of today's lovely weather and took some stacked photos.
Nightfire's Top Secret "Bonnie" (MCh BIS BISS Unas vom Schwabenhof x Ch Miss Butterfly's Gloria Estefan)

CACIB Trieste (I) - 12.10.12

Finally our lovely city has it's own International show back again!! Set in the lovely dog beach FIDO LIDO, the show ground was really good, the weather was ok (luckily no rain), and the company was excellent. This time we showed only HIBA, though the other 2 girls came along as moral support (and later on we were joined by the handsome brother Heldar). Can't say I could be more satisfied for the results...

Borzoi - judge Mr. A. Alessandri (I) HIBA: exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB!!
SHOW HANDLING Welsh Corgi Cardigan - judge Mrs. O. Kupriyanova Sinko (SLO) Spirit of Austria Bebbles (a.k.a. EVA): exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOS!!

Of course, Bonnie "NIghtfire's Top Secret) came along for the ride, and she was very good in her handling excercises. Guess we're getting ready for a show debut soon! :-) check out Bonnie's training video HERE!
we were also very happy to meet HELDAR, one of Bagrijana's sons. Just turned 2, Heldar has still to mature, but he's already looking…

CAC Lecco (I) 29.09.12 + CACIB Bergamo (I) 30.09.12

HOLLIE's winning streak is still going strong!! We received info on her two lates shows by her owners.

CAC Lecco (I) - 29.09.12 - judge Mr. F. Ferrari (I) exc 1, CAC, BB, BOB!!
CACIB Bergamo (I) - 30.09.12 - judge Mr. C. Montefusco (I) exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB!!
Since the owners had no possibility of taking a picture of the event, I'm glad to post some pictures of this summer's holidays, where Hollie spent a lovely time at the seaside with her family!