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CAC Macerata (I) - 29.09.2013

We received the most delightful news today from Halina's owner, Stefano Corvi (Antica Carsulae Kennel). They attended the National Dog Show in Macerata with excellent results! We wish to thank once more Stefano for doing such a great job and for loving and caring for her so well.

judge Pierluigi Buratti (I) HALINA exc1 CAC BB BOS

with this latest CAC, Halina is now NEW ITALIAN CHAMPION!!
Halina is the first of the litter to achieve this prestigious championship title, hoping she will be followed soon by some of her siblings. We cross fingers for her and all of her brothers and sisters attending future dog shows.

Club Show CAC Dolsko (SLO) - 14.09.2013

The SIGHTHOUND CLUB OF SLOVENIA celebrates 20 YEARS! Due to this special occasion, this week-end the members organized a Club Show on Saturday and an International Coursing on Sunday. What a great way to honor the club and its history so far. We've always been welcomed extremely well by the Club and its members and its always great to attend its shows and coursings, and it was touching to see many of our friends wanting to celebrate this event with us.
The Club Show took place in Dolsko, a mere 20 minutes away from Ljubljana, the country's capital. The show ground was a gorgeous field on level ground, the sun was shining all day long and the air was filled with pleasant chatter of the many sighthound fanciers attending the event. A big thank you goes out to the organizers of the event, the judge and the many people who contributed with prizes to make this day even more special. My mother, Anna Valle (Creativando Art Atelier) made the beautiful watercolor paintings offered to t…

CACIB Trieste (I) - 7.09.2013

Tough in the last two years the International Dog Show held in Trieste changed location due to logistic problems, this year the show ground was set in "Villaggio del Pescatore, Duino-Aurisina", at only 25km from the city center. Trees, grass, peace and quiet and some tipical italian summer sun are the perfect mix, and if you add great company, good show organization and lovely show results then the day is perfect!! We'd like to thank all our friends for the great day spent together.

OUR RESULTS judge Mr Francesco Cochetti (I) HIBA: exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB!! NEW INT CH!!!
Hiba in the group ring. Photo by my dear friend and talented photographer Andrea Gaviraghi
Hiba, at only 3 years of age, is now  SLO HR JrCH HR SLO INT CH SLO HR ClubWinner SBOB JBISS4
Thank you Hiba for sharing with me some of the best show experiences I had, thanks for putting all of yourself in each performance, and thanks for being by my side, hopefully for many more years to come.


3 years ago today one of the best moments of my life was happening and finally a dream came true in the form of 11 little darlings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY H LITTER!! In this special occasion we also wish to deeply thank all of our puppies' owners for taking such excellent care of them, we will be forever grateful and think we're so lucky to have found such excellent homes for them. Thank you all very much!!

As always, congratulations are due also to the puppies' father, Lennox, and all of his siblings, since their Birthday is the same day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LE SPHINX K LITTER! Life is always full of strange and lovely coincidences.