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CACIB UMAG 23.05.10

Finally another dog show!! When I entered my dogs to this show, I was so happy go get back to croatia, especially for 3 reasons:
- all the good friends I meet there
- it was a very nice place, and a very well organized show last year
We decided to go just on Sunday, so that I couldn't miss school.
Anyway, in the morning we received a call from a friend of ours who asked us to bring her dogs, since she wasn't able to come. Eventually I found myself with 4 dogs to handle:
- Bagrijana (Borzoi)
- Ayka "Diana" (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)
- Stilling Superfine iz Kaskada Grez "Mishka" (Deutscher Zwergspitz)
- Hrustlanaya Mechta Strela Kupidona "Tata" (Russkiy Toy)
I was very satisfied with the results, since Diana got exc1 CAC; Mishka got exc1, PRM and JBOB; Tata got exc1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.
But the most surprising of all was Bagrijana's result: exc1, CAC, CACIB (now new INT Ch. in homologa…

Local dog show Spilimbergo (Udine) - 2.05.10

Since we had nothing else to do on a cloudy Sunday morning, we decided to the local dog show (nothing official) at Spilimbergo, near Udine. We brought and entered all our dogs, for a total of 6! There we met with Marina (Kennel Russian Diamond), Giuliana (Devon Age Devon Rex Cattery) and their friend Ciro. They had brought the Black Russian Terriers Russian Diamond Ginevra (Katerina) and Dushka; the russkiy Toys Tata and Meggy, and the Deutscher Zwergspitz Misha. Later on our dear friend David (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) came by to say hello. So, in the end, we were quite a consistent group. The judgements were quite chaotic, but in the end I managed to handle almost all the dogs (with the exception of Bagrijana, who was handled by mum because I was in the Golden Retriever ring), PLUS the little Misha. Misha is quite an outstanding show dog, and though he is still young (6 moths) he was wonderful and he managed to acheive BOB and BOG!! I'm sure we'll see him on the rings in the futu…

Italian Club for Sighthounds - Club Show at Padenghe del Garda 1.05.10 - RADUNO DI PRIMAVERA CdL

This year I couldn't absolutely miss the RADUNO DI PRIMAVERA CdL for anything in the world. The club show of the Italian Club for Sighthounds at Padenghe del Garda is definitively one of the most important shows for sighthounds in Italy. It is held every May 1st at Padenghe del Garda, near the Garda Lake. Thanks to the wonderful sunny weather, the nice open-air show ground, the splendid atmosphere given by the Garda Lake, and of course the presence of all the sighthound fanciers, it is always a pleasure to take part in this event. This year we were a real nice group: me, my Mum, Elena Bertolini (Ca' Frosco), Natalya her handler, Lena, Michael and Claudia, and Stefano. In fact we had to set up 3 gazebos in order to give EVERYONE - dogs included - some shade from the hot sun. At the show we found also Andreja Novak (Ninochka's) with her charming Ninochka's Zoya by H.R.I.B. and Dina (Al Maysun Saluki). Our judge was Mrs. Durando Fassio (I). Bagrijana was wonderful and she go…