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Wake up with the sun high in the sky, lovely breakfast on the terrace, morning walk by the sea with the doggies... what else would I want from such a wonderful day?
A few days ago I had the ocassion to have a walk in the city with my "four treasures" (it was such a rare view that an entire group of german tourists stopped to look at these big, white dogs... and some even recognized the breed! I knew we had to rely on foreigners to appreciate the borzoi, since here in Trieste there aren't any). Here are the new pictures we took (and video cuts) of BAGRIJANA, HELLA, HIBA and our lovely boy HELDAR.

HELLA: 76cm to the withers; 27kg; very calm and reflexive charcter

Hella moving
VIDEO CLIP! (click here to watch Hella moving)
Hella's head

HIBA: 76cm to the withers; 32,5kg; she's very jouful and fuul of life and energy

 Hiba's Head
Hiba (over): head
Hiba's movement
VIDEO CLIP! (click here to view Hiba moving)

HELDAR: 78cm to the withers; 33,5 kg; he's a very sweet boy…

AVAILABLE! Ca' Frosco Hella Tantezampe and Ca' Frosco Hiba

"Life throws you curve balls..."

Unexpectedly, our plans and dreams have been changed, due to family problems, we cannot keep Hella and Hiba any longer. They are two very lovely and sweet girls, who are starting positively their carreer in the rings, and we're wuite sure their successes will be long-lasting, so they are AVAILABLE TO SHOW HOMES.

HIBA:  72cm; 32kg

HELLA: 71,5cm; 28kg PuppuBOB at the Sighthound Specialty in Italy (Padenghe del garda 30.04.2011)

HIBA (left) and HELLA (right) with their mother BAGRIJANA

Sighthound Club Show Padenghe del Garda (I) - 30.04.2011

So here we are again, Padenghe is one of the few events here in Italy that is very hard NOT to attend: the show ground is just lovely, the company even better (it is a sighthound specialty show+coursing event organized by Club del Levriero) and usually the weather is great! Even this year, though the weather forecast predicted rain almost all day, the weather was sunny, with a bit of clouds, so the dogs could get a bit of shadow too.

We set off early in the morning for Padenghe del Garda, lovely little town where the show was held, with Bagrijana (who luckily decided to start shedding just the day before the show), Hella and Hiba.
This year our breed judge was Alain Campagne (F), and our results were quite impressive:

BAGRIJANA (open class): 1exc ResCAC (over a total of 16 females... 11 in open and 5 in intermediate)
BAGRIJANA ON THE MOVE! (click to watch the video)
Females' Open Class Winners: 1st Bagrijana; 2nd Hapunka Bistupswo (owned by my dear friend Kresimiri Bedesic, HR); 3rd …