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Happy New 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We all hope it will be better than the past one! Greetings from Marina, Bagrijana, all the gang and family


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! CHEERS!!! Greetings from Marina, Bagrijana and all the gang.

Borzoi and sighhound objects - creativando

Creativando is Anna Valle's laboratory/atelier. She's my mother and she shares with me the passion for sighthounds (especially borzoi). This summer she created some wonderful painted objects. here are some photos but you can see more of her works on her blog, which is in my 'favorite blogs' list. If you wish to see more of these works and of Creativando creations click HERE napkins/serviettes and tablecloths pillowsplaids in pile with appliqued stylized sighthounds

Photos C litter Zwergpinscher

Here are some new photos of the puppies of litter C.At present they are 1 month old. Clio, the smallest femaleCookie, the second female. Cthulhu, the male. the puppies playing with Aunt Diana the gigant and the dwarf let's play!!! what's this?!?

Cybermoms II

Guess what? YES! She's creating right now another blog with all of her objects and paintings. The name of her creative "laboratory" is CREATIVANDO and the URL is: www.annacreativando.blogspot.comYou should really check it out!! She creates wonderful things and she deserves a little advertising. This is an aspect of my mother that I never saw... she's becoming a web/blog/internet maniac!!! Joking again... I really love to tease her. In the following days we'll see how she gets on with these new blogs, hoping she keeps them up to date...!


FINALLY!!! My mom has decided to create a blog too, so I want to celebrate this event with everyone, because it's an important passage in her life! Just a few years ago she didn't even know how to turn on a computer!!! no I'm joking... she's not that bad, although I had to create the blog AND translate her first post!!!Anyway the URL is: There are lots of information on us, our dogs, our other animals and our past pets. I hope she will create soon a blog in which she shows all her works (she is illustrator, but in her free time she paints really good stuff and creates nice objects, which I hope we will all see on the web someday....). Hoping you will find it nice, Bye!!

C litter Zwergpinscher

I'm glad to introduce our "C" litter of our sweet Zwergpinscher "Pinchy". She is the smallest and oldest dog in our family. She's four years and a half old and she has already given birth to 5 beautiful puppies (2 of litter A and 3 of litter B). This litter is made of 2 girls and 1 boy, all of them are red/brown. The boy is the biggest but they are all growing quickly with aunt Diana as a nanny. Usually when the mother rejects them because too old they go and play with the wolfdog, they are all so sweet and Diana is very careful and delicate, due to her motherly instinct (it is said that wolf puppies are taken care of by all the bitches of the pack). The three puppies are all very smart and curious, and though they are barely a month old they already explore the whole room. They will all have regular pedigree, vaccintions and devermination. Feel free to ask more information. E-mail me ( or my mother ( for further …

May I introduce you...

May I introduce you Bagrijana Birth date: 12-03-07 Sire: Ch. £UT SZCZÊŒCIA Wladca Traw “Lucky” Dam: Ch. Velikij Jalina "Jelly" Breeder: Elena Bertolini, Ca' Frosco Kennel, Italy Owner: Anna Valle, Trieste, Italy Titles: Slo JCh, Cro JCh. (21/21 Exc, 7 JBOB, 1 JBIS2, 1 JBIS4, 6 JCAC, 5 CAC, 3 R.CACIB) Height: 76 cm circa More info: full dentition, correct bite, solid muscles, good character Baghi is our female Borzoi, she is still young (20 months) but she's growing very well. She has already taken part in a few shows, giving good results. She has a wonderful, gentle character. She lives well with all sorts of animals and loves to play with other dogs. Thanks to her daily runs with her friends Diana and Kess she has a great time and keeps in shape. I hope you are going to hear about her in the show rings in the future...

HI everyone!

Hi everyone! This is the first post of my new blog! I'm Marina, the owner of Bagrijana, female borzoi (russian wolfhound). Since Bagrijana is a very long and difficult name (I'm Italian, not russian) my family and me love to call her "Baghi". She is just a funny and spoilt dog and we love her very much. She is also a beautiful show dog, so I'll keep you informed of her successes on the show ring.I'll tell you also about all my animal (and human) family... which is formed of, my two brothers, my little sister, my mother. I have 4 dogs: Baghi, Diana (Czekslovakian Wolfdog), Kess (Golden Retriever) and Pinchy (Zwergpinscher). I also have 5 cats, a parrot, fishes and lots of animals. This was just an introducing speech. In the next days you'll learn more about us. That's all so far. See you soon. (Bagrijana at the special FCI X group show in Zagreb, 28.11.08.) Here Baghi did very well, winning the 1st place in the female intermediate class and 3rd best female…