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Specialty Shows at Ljubljana - 16.01.2010

After a long and wearing fight, I got permission from my mother to go and visit the Ljubljana shows, held on 16th and 17th December. Unfortunately I could go just to the Specialty Shows, held in the evening of the first day. I was so glad to have the opportunity to watch the Sighthound Specialty Show, which was really interesting. I would like to congratulate withAndreja Novak - Ninochkas Borzois, for her wonderful promising youngsters, Ninochkas Zenos and Zoya by H.R.I.B. (Zenos a.k.a. Zen is owned by family Hrženjak), who were respectively BOB and BOS. Of course, I couldn't miss the Toy Specialty either, and it was nice to see againKatja Butinaand her lovely Cresties Fear and Envy. In fact, I brought to the show ground Angie, who was a bit shy, but she will get used to shows one day.
It was beautiful to see all of my friends again, from the talented young handlers like Alice, Nina, Neža, Urška, Ula, Lana and Manca, to breeders and privates like Andreja Novak,Helena Arh and Davor …


I'm proud to announce that today, 12th of January 2010, our beloved Golden Retriever litter is 1 year old!! It seems like ages when I last kept them at home, and they went one at a time to their new families. Now they're big boys and girls, and some of the boys (Milky and Muffin especially) have grown bigger than their mother!!
I will post some pictures of the grown-up pups soon.

the puppies with their mother

1 day old

Sweet Diana kissing the puppy

one of the first meals

puppies looking out of the window

left to right: Nutella, Kess, Mou, Milky

left to right: Mou, Milky, Nutella

Milky, 1 year old He's such a charming and promising youngster! 
He is also Mr. January of the calendar of the Oasi Retriever Dog Training Centre

Candyfloss (a.k.a. Kenny) and his new home

Cappuccino having fun in his new garden

Nutella (a.k.a. Maya) playing with her new owners this summer

Nutella winter 2010

Mou when she first arrived at her new home

Honey (a.k.a. Aran) at her mom's dog training centre (IKEL…

CACIB Montichiari 10.01.2010

Finally I attended a dog show again. These pauses in between the handling activity are killing me, since I'm known to be a dog show addict. ;)
As always, I accompanied Elena Bertolini to an international show in Italy, CACIB Montichiari (BS). I had show Bagrijana too, but unfortunately she went in heat, so I had to, reluctantly, leave her home.
At the last moment we had a change in the judges, so I had finally, for the first time in my life, the honor to be judged by Mr. Andre van den Broek. 
I handled a total of 3 dogs (2 males + 1 bitch):
- Chestnut Chief (Ailica's Chamberlain x Stephnyk Almazov Aleksandra): open class males, exc1 ResCAC, ResCACIB. Third show for Chestnut, but he managed to get in the ring with a calm and elegant attitude, probably due to his mother's genes. ;)
- Danjar (Bakur Red Fox x Velikij Jalina): intermediate class males, exc2. It was Danjar's first show and I'm really happy of the judgement, though he was a bit shy in the movement and really…

Angie's first stroll without the leash on

Angie was behaving marvellously at home, coming when she was called, etc. So we decided to test her behaviour outside. We took a walk in the fields of the Sincrotrone Park with all the pack. First we unleashed the older girls, and Angie wanted to follow them and play, so after a few minutes we unleashed her too. After a momen of uneasiness (she didn't understand why she was there all alone),I called her and she came running to me. I let her play with Bagrijana and Diana, since they payed a lot of attention not to squash or run over her. It was a pleasure to look at: Bagrijana was enthusiast because she had a puppy to play with and Diana was constantly watching them, keeping the situation under control.