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CACIB Celje WINTER WINNER 2011 (SLO) - 17/12/11

What better way to end the year than this?

We travelled early in the morning (with heavy snow during the first part of our journey) to attend the last show of the year, the International Dog Show Celje Winter Winner 2011. Unfortunately Bagrijana was left at home, but we were quite a pack nonetheless, with me, my mother, Hiba the borzoi, Diana the wolfdog and the lovely Saphira, a welsh corgi pembroke entrusted to us by her owner.

The show ground was very good and the day was fantastic. A big thank you to all the friends and people who made this day special.


Welsh Corgi Pembroke Duchess di Castel di Udine - judge Natalja Nekrosiene LT exc1 BB2  Thank you to the owners for entrusting me the lovely Saphira!  
OUR DOGS Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Ayka ("Diana") - judge Natalja Nekrosiene LT exc1 CAC CACIB Winter Winner 2011 BB BOB Diana is now SLOVENIAN CHAMPION!

Borzoi Ca' Frosco Hiba - judge Miroslav Zidar SLO; group judge Primoz Peer SLO exc1 JCAC Celje Winter Junior Winner…