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New Creations

This is a really interesting piece of news: thanks to Vida Klenovšek, designer and pet photographer, who has stimulated me to create and has provided me recycle materials from the leather collars of PETIIT PETHAUS, I started to make a few leather blracelets. Seeing that I liked it, I bought some new leather and I will soon start making something out of it. At present I have made a few bracelets and rings, all with recycle material, but I'll soon put photos of my own leather bracelet with red plait red double-layer with white snaked texture decoration black with red decoration white double-layer with rainbow snaked texture ornament black with three clasps black and red with central ring red double-layer black with sand snaked texture decoration and clasps

Sweets Litter - placed photos and heads

We finally had the time to make some decent placed photos. These pups sure are lively!! After some difficoulties and lots of bad and unfocused photos, we selected the best ones we could find to visualize the body and the head of each puppy.

Sweets Litter - News and photos

At present, the Sweets Litter of Golden Retrievers is 1 month and precisely 11 days old. Today we put the microchips, and they all proved to be big brave dogs, except Nutella, who whined a bit...They are all jumping up and down on their trembly legs, trying to play with auntie Diana or their step-cousins the zwergpinschers... their just too funny, and full of personality. When I look at them I can recall the months I passed with Kess as a puppy... that's so sweet!! Here are some new photos, I was time I put them on... I really had to replace the only photos I have of them, in which they still seem like a group of furry balls with four legs and a tail... Here they are... ENJOY!