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HELDAR - 16 months old

Today I managed to wash Heldar (though my coat dryer decided to suicide...) and we made some really nice stacked pictures, both outside the house and during one of our city walks.

a bit of snow is still here! ;-)
and after hard work... well-deserved cuddles and treats!

Sunny Days / Heldar

Finally the sun has come out... unfortunately the wind is still harsh, but it's better than the past days.
Lucky coincidence, in these days we're keeping the lovely HELDAR here at home with us, so the owners can have a small break... ;-) It's always a joy to have hjim around, and he loves to play with his mom and sisters.

Here are a few pictures of him and the nice walks we had...

a few shots of Heldar and Hella's heads

 example of male/female head differences

... and we're out walking again... ;-)

the family: Hiba and Hella (daughters); Bagrijana (mother), Heldar (son)

my mother happily surrounded by zois
left to right: Heldar, Bagrijana, Hiba; Hella
left to right: Hella, Hiba, Heldar, Bagrijana