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Ca' Frosco E Litter

Today I received some wonderful news from Elena Bertolini (Ca' Frosco Kennel). She told me that her female Arcana (Kohinoor Blistai x Stepnykh Almazov Aleksandra) was successfully mated with Barghal (Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x Velikij Jalina), who is Bagrijana's brother. The puppies are due to the end of October. Here are some photos of the couple: Barghal: Arcana:

Handlign exercises near Vicenza

Some time ago I went with Elena Bertolini (Ca' Frosco Kennel) to visit Chestnut Chief (now called Ilja) and his friend Danjar (now Osip). Both are from Ca' Frosco litters.We had a pleasing time there and Ilja and Osip are such fun dogs that it was a pleasure working with them. Osip is really good-tempered and he's grown big and strong. Both have wonderful coats (unfortunately in the photos they're shedding) and good, solid structures. Ilja who, I have to admit, was my favorite puppy of the C litter at Ca' Frosco, has a beautiful head and expression. Here are two photos of stacking exercises. Since it was the second time for Ilja and the first time for Osip to try these exercises, they were really fantastic!! I hope they will attend more to dog shows in the future, because they will be surely great stars! Ilja (Ailica's Chamberlain x Stepnykh Almazov Aleksandra) Osip (Bakur Redfox x Velikij Jalina)

Irish Wolfhound Kennel ARABERARA

Here's a photo of Araberara Nedra Gaudera, of Marcella Grassi's Araberara Kennel. I stacked her for Marcella, since she needed a photo. I must say it was succesfully done, as Nedra is a very cooperative and kind bitch, with a gentle character. It was fun and I hope to see this young girl in some shows soon.

CAC Savona

On Wednesday 2nd September I took the train with Bagrijana to go to Elena Bertolini's house (Ca' Frosco). We had a pleasant stay there, togwther with Marcella Grassi (Araberara Irish Wolfhound Kennel). On Sunday we went to the national dog show CAC Savona. Bagrijana was shown there and she got excellent with CAC in open class under the judge Rita KADIKE-SKADINA (LV). It was very nice there, though a bit hot. Photos of the day will be put on-line soon.