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Ok, it's time to make some serious pictures... like all the "big dogs" do. ;-) So, here they are... without further delay... Ca' Frosco's H-LITTER!! :-)

female 1: HAZE

female 2: HIBA

female 3: HANJA 

male 4: HELIOS

male 5: HARTWIN

male 6: HAKON

male 7: HELDAR

female 8: HOLLIE

female 9: HELLA

female 10: HALINA

Borzoi Specialty Show at S.Zaccaria (RA) - 25.09.2010

It's always lovely to take part in the Borzoi Specialty Show held at Palazzo Manzoni in S.Zaccaria (RA). This year in was set in September, and we had the honor to be judged by Mrs. Marton-Pollock (Falconcrag).
So early on a Friday morning Elena and I started our journey to Ravenna. We arrived in the afternoon, and since it was still quiet (all the other borzois would have come early in the morning of the following day), we decided to work a bit with the dogs, before it started raining heavily. 
Luckily we had an unexpected sunny weather the next day, so even the judge could enjoy a bit of the italian sun. ;-)
Unfortunately I still haven't found the complete results on the net, so I will have to give you the ones I remember (all the following photos are from courtesy of the Sighthound Club of Italy):
MALES Champion Class: exc1 Stepnykh Almazov Extrordinarius
(Majenkir Timeless Arts x Stepnykh Almazov Balthajsha)
B: C. Epifani O: C. Civita
 Open Class: exc1 Russkiy Azart Nektar