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CACIB Bastia Umbra (I) - 12.10.2013

Again some lovely news! Our lovely puppies, who are puppies no more, are still going strong in the show rings, and they give their owners (and us) a lot of satisfactions.

CACIB Bastia Umbra judge Mr Angel Garach Domech (E) HALINA exc1 CAC CACIB BB BOS! [sorry, no photos of the event]
A big THANK YOU to her owner Stefano for taking such great care in our lovely girl!

CACIB Koper I+II (SLO) - 5./6.10.2013

Had a lovely but rainy week-end in Koper (SLO). The show was held in Bonifika Sports' Center, and though the land all around soon became a swamp, luckily the rings were on the cement.
Our team entered only Hiba and Bonnie, and we had the pleasure to handle a Corgi Cardigan on Saturday and a Beagle on Sunday. All in all it was a pleasant week-end, with many friends and personal successes.

OUR RESULTS judge Leos Jancik (CZ) HIBA exc1 CAC ResCACIB
judge Erwin Deutscher (A) BONNIE exc1 CAC
SHOW HANDLING judge Stefan Sinko (SLO) Alltrade's Gracefully Blues "Grace" (Corgi Cardigan) exc1 JCAC JBOB BOB!!

OUR RESULTS judge Barbka Novak (SLO) HIBA exc1 CAC ResCACIB
judge Stefan Sinko (SLO) BONNIE exc1 CAC
SHOW HANDLING  Magicabula's Sunrise American Graffiti (Beagle) exc2 ResCAC (no photo)