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NEW PHOTOS - Earendil, 3 years old

Ear endil came to visit us and stayed the weekend. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a few photos. A special thank you goes to my mother and my sister, who helped in grooming and in the photoshoot. Earendil lives with his owners in Trieste.

I Litter 5 weeks old

Bringing the puppies outside for their first time was a nice way to celbrate their 5 weeks of age. They had so much fun exploring the garden, and their mother was so attentive and careful, it was a sight that warmed our hearts in this chilly November morning. The puppies had a great time, and we thought to make a few stacked photos too.

I Feel Good - female

I Want It All - male

I Have A Dream - female

I See Fire - male

I Am The Sovereign - male

In Too Deep - female

I Want You Back - female

I Remember You - female

CACIB Sempeter & Vrtojba (SLO) - 12./13.11.2016

It's such a shame that the double International dog show Sempeter & Vrtojba doesn't have a bigger show ground, because it's so near our home, that it's always a temptation to go, although we don't enter dogs often there because of the too stressfull environment. Anyways, luckily the show weeksend is over, and we can relax ato home again with a few good results to celebrate. Although we didn't take any official photos at the show, the weather was too got to pass an occasion of a small photoshooting at home of our lovelies.

CACIB Sempeter - judge Mrs. Colette Moldoon (IRL) Gladys vom Schwabenhof "Pixie": exc1, CAC Giramondo: vg2 Fortune Cookie: exc1, CAC, ResCACIB
CACIB Vrtojba judge Mrs Zeljka von Zidar (SLO): Giramondo: exc1, JCAC, JBOB, BOS!! Gladys vom Schwabenfo "Pixie": exc1, CAC, ResCACIB judge Mr. José Homem de Mello (PT): Fortune Cookie: exc1, CAC, ResCACIB
Giramondo "Gegio"

 Gladys vom Schwabenhof "Pixie"


I LITTER - 1 month old

The puppies are one month old today!!