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Regional ENCI Night Show Barbariga - 10.07.10

After the visit to the G Litter pupppies, me and Elena Bertolini (Ca' Frosco Kennel) decided to do some show training, since there was a regional night show near Brescia.

We brought Ca' Frosco Ebony and his mother Ca' Frosco Arcana; and it was very nice to hear that we were going to be joined there by Stefano, the owner of Ebony's sister, Ca' Frosco Elsie.

The show went pretty well, even tough it was the first night show for our youngsters. 

REGIONAL ENCI NIGHT SHOW BARBARIGA (BS) - 10.07.10 Judge: Mr. G. Mozzi (I) Arcana: BOB Ebony: Best Junior Male Elsie: Best Junior Female, JBOB
the two brothers, Ebony and Elsie
Ebony, Arcana, Elsie
Ca' Frosco Ebony, 8 months old
I really hope to post some more pictures (I must have them somewhere...) soon.

CA' FROSCO G Litter - MALES 4 months old

Me and Elena Bertolini had a full day last Saturday (10th of July 2010).
First of all, we had a very pleasant walk along the river with a few dogs, the two brothers Ca' Frosco Filfil and Fantazija. 
In the evening, we went to visit Ca' Frosco's G Litter, which is at the place of the bitch's owner, near Brescia. 
Since there are still 2 MALES AVAILABLE, we decided to make a few pictures of all the males (4 in total). These puppies have excellent character and are VERY LIVELY, so it was a challenge for me to stack them correctly. GANDHI and GOBLIN very very good, but I had some difficulties with GORAN and GORDON, so they are prettier than in pictures really. ;-)  Now the puppies are 4 months old.



We finally had the occasion to meet Frank and Regina Turnheer - From SandSound Kennel - and their beautiful 'zois; and I must add that Lennox was very happy to meet us and Bagrijana.
We had a wonderful stay at the small and picturesque village of Stein am Rhein, just half an hour from Frank and Regina's house. I really hope to post as soon as possible the beautiful pictures of the town and of the wonderful views of sunny Switzerland; but until then I can just post the photos of the two "lovers" ;-)
LE SPHINX KILLING ME SOFLTY "Lennox" (Zimistraja Sarek x Le Sphinx Filippiia)
BAGRIJANA "Bagij" (Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x Velikij Jalina)

We would like to thank very much Regina and Frank, for giving us the occasion to see thid wonderful dog, and everybody else who supports us.
I would also like to add that this litter will be in collaboration with KENNEL CA' FROSCO, so it will be Elena Bertolini's H-Litter


Finally my dream has come to life. 

We are going to mate

BAGRIJANA  (Ch. Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x Velikij Jalina)

LE SPHINX KILLING ME SOFTLY (Zimistraja Sarek x Le Sphinx Filippiia)
I think it will be a very interesting mating, so I would like to thank Regina and Frank Turnheer (Kennel From Sand Sound) for their availability. Puppies are expected at the beginning of September. This litter will be in co-operation with Kennel Ca' Frosco.
Also, my mother Anna Valle designed a wonderful adveritsement page for the European Borzoi Magazine: