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CACIB Pohorje (SLO) - 21.04.2013

Our team went out for another show and we were succesfull again!! I'd like to thanks all of our friends who made this day special.

OUR RESULTS judge Mrs. Ingrid Ehold (A) Nightfire's Top Secret "Bonnie": exc1, JCAC,JBOB!!
judge Mrs. Alenka Pokorn (SLO) Hiba: exc1, CAC, ResCACIB

SHOW HANDLING judge Mrs. Olga Sinko Kupriyanova (SLO) Welsh Corgi Cardigan One Night With You "Evolet":  exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB, BOG2!!!
with this win Evolet is also NEW SLO CH!

CAC Rovinj (HR) 20.04.2013

It was a lovely sunny day at CAC Rovinj, and our team did really well. Though unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us, so no photos were takn at the show ground...

judge Mr. Srecko Kukic (HR) Nightfire's Top Secret "Bonnie" exc1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB!! at only 9,5 months of age Bonnie takes her first BOB, way to go girl!!

Show Handling, judge Mr. Vibor Jesek (HR) Welsh Corgi Pembroke One Night With You "Evolet" exc1, CAC, NEW HR CH!!  congratulations to her breeder and owner!

CAC Barje (SLO) - 7.04.2013

Apart from the weather (freezing cold, although we were blessed with a bit uf sunshine during the BIS), the national show in Barje (SLO) was a nice occasion to meet many friends.
Our dogs were successful, and we thank the judges for such lovely critiques.

Our Results judge Mr. Andras Polgar (CZ) Nightfire's Top Secret "Bonnie": exc1, JCAC, JBOB!!

Bonnie in the JBIS ring. she is wearing a "Unique Show Leads" creation by Mojca Furlan.  Hvala lepa!

Show Handling judge Rui Oliveira (P) One Night With You "Evolet": exc1, CAC, BB, BOB!!

Our dogs on the magazines!

This month one of Italy's dog magazines (Il Mio Cane) issued a breed feature on the Borzoi, and our dogs were picked for the article's photos. We're very proud of our girls and honored by the magazine's choice. Along with our photos, our rising star HIBA was chosen to represent the breed standard! Way to go girl, we're so proud of you!

FIRST PAGE Bagrijana (center, in the small rectangle, snowy background) Hiba, Bagrijana, Hella (top right)
SECOND PAGE Hiba (center... sorry if the nose was cut off, but my scanner isn't really the best) Bagrijana with Hella as a puppy (top right)