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MEET US! FCI EuroSighthound 2011

For those who live abroad and don't have the chance to travel often to Italy, you will have a chance to meet us and our AVAILABLE PUPPIES (Ca' Frosco Hella Tantezampe & Ca' Frosco Hiba) at the EUROSIGHTHOUND 2011 held in Padenghe sul Garda (I) on OCTOBER 1st and 2nd.

The week-end will be divided in 2 different shows. Saturday: FCI Eurosighthound Show (Borzoi judge: Mr. Jean Brixhe - B) Sunday: CdL Club Show (Borzoi judge: Mrs. Maggie Holder - GB)
Hoping to meet lots of friends... See you in October!!

FUOCHI DI TARANIS - Celtic Reenactment

Passed a lovely week-end with the Celtic Reenactment Association AES TORKOI at the Celtic Festival "I FOUCHI DI TARANIS" (1-3/7/2011). Well, it surely was quite a difference compared to my usual dog show week-end... the campfire, tents, weapons, costumes... and though this was my first time, the group made me feel completely at ease, including me in the whole aspect of the celtic daily life... THANK YOU!!

A few pictures will follow, just to give you an idea of what being a celt meant

Andre and Ale
by the campfire: Ale and Elisa
Elisa and Stefano
Titta and me bringing water to the camp
Greek campsite
Roman shields
fencing training
Kingetorix, our chief
Stefano and me trianing
the group's mascot, Ulrich
Amandine and Ulrich on horseback
more training
ready for the night's celebration (in honor of Taranis)

Elisa and Stefano by the campfire at night
Max, Titta and Andrea