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CACIB Padova 31.01.2010 - Sighthound Specilaty

We spent a wonderful Sunday at Padova last week, attending the Sighthound Specialty judged by Mr. Andrew Brace (GB). We were a great pack: it was me, my mother Anna, Marco (her partner) and the dogs Bagrijana, Diana and Angie. We met there with Elena and her sister Manuela who brought the charming Dobrinja, her sister Dashkova and Charovnitza. In addition to this large number, Francesca, the owner of Danjar a.k.a. Osip and Chestnut Chief a.k.a. Iljia entered the competition with her two boys.
There were 14 males and 20 females on the catalogue, but unfortunately due to the bad weather a lot didn't manage to come (6 males and 7 females). Nevertheless, me could meet a lot of friends there, like Vida, Andreja Novak, who entered her Vihra and Zoya in champion and intermediate class. There was also Marcella (Araberara Irish Wolfhounds) and her handler Iwonna (Neverine's Newfoundlands).
The show was very succesful, since Chestunt Chief won exc3 in opne class males, Bagrijana achieve…