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Vet control, family outing and group pics

Yesterday we had the pleasure to see again some of the owners of the puppies of our Kess. Now the pups are 6 months old and it was really fantastic seeing them again. Three pups came: Mou, who is staying by us for a few weeks, Milky and Nutella, now called Maya. They are all three growing well, with a solid structure, good thick coat, good proportions and beatuful heads (which they all inherited from the mother!). We had an appointment today for a check up with the vet Milan Matko, from Veterinarska Bolnica Toplica in Slovenia. He said they were all perfect, also the hips and elbows, and he was very happy with their health. We're so proud of them, and I think that one or two will probably enter the dog show world in a short time. Here are some group pictures with the mother, with their owners and some placed photos of our future stars. the three puppies playing on the terrace. l-r: Mou, Milky, Maya exploring a bush before going to the vet. up-down: Milky, Mou, Maya Milky group pic n…