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CACIB Zagreb 21-22.11.09

Passed a pleasing week-end at the international dog show in Zagreb. I actually had to handle 5 dogs (2 Borzois, 1 Black Russian Terrier and 2 Russkiy Toys), but I ended up with only 3 (the Borzoi male and the Black Russian Terrier couldn't make it).Anyway we achieved good results:CACIB ZAGREB 21.11.09Borzoi, judge Mr. Gunter Ehrenreich:Dobrinja, intermediate class: exc3Russkiy Toy, judge Mrs. Tatjana Urek (SLO)"Pepita", junior class: vg"Tata", open class: exc, CAC, BOBCACIB ZAGREB 22.11.09Borzoi, judge Mr. Gerard JippingDobrinja, intermediate class: exc1, CAC, RCACIBRusskiy Toy, judge Mrs. Ivana Bakahl (HR)"Pepita", junior class: exc"Tata", open class: exc, CAC, BOBAlso congratulations to Andreja Novak, Kennel Ninochkas, for her beautiful Ninochkas Zoya by H.R.I.B., who achieved BOB and ResBIS at the special club show held in Zagreb on Friday!! Čestitke Andreja!! Dobrinja (Bakur Red Fox x Velikij Jalina), Borzoi. left-right: Tata, short-haired…

Ca' Frosco E + F Litter

Ca' Frosco Kennel has now 2 litters. One is the E litter (Barghal x Arcana), which has already been born (3 males + 5 females) and Elena will soon expect puppies from her F LITTER (Corneliano dell'Antica Carsulae x Brita). You're welcome to visit Ca' Frosco's Blog for more information and to have a look at the puppies. E LITTER Barghal (Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x Velikij Jalina) and Arcana (Kohinoor Blistai x Sepnykh Almazov Aleksandra) Picture of the pups at 10 days of age (at present they're 1 month old) F LITTER Corneliano Dell'Antica Carsulae (Kishniga's Hope at Hi Tor x Bakur Red Fox) Brita (Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x Velikij Jalina) Well... I can say that Bagrijana will become aunt of a lot of beautiful puppies!!

CACIB Friedrichshafen

Thursday 12th November I caught a train to Bergamo to visit my dear fried Elena, because I had to handle 2 of her borzois at CACIB Friedrichshafen (D). We woke up early on Friday morning and travelled by car up to a cute Gasthaus in the city centre. It was a nice, clean place and the rooms were big enough to contain Barghal and Dobrinja together. ;) At a 5 min. walk from the hotel there was a very nice park where we could walk the dogs, and at a 10 min walk in the opposite direction there was the lake, witch unfortunately we saw just by night (it was so dark I could hardly see the other shore).We went to the show ground on Saturday morning and got ready for the show. The judge of the day was Mrs. Diotema Schäfer. In spite of the scarce results accomplished by our boy (v.g.2) I'm happy because he behaved and showed really well. Dobrinja achieved better results: exc1, VDH in intermediate class. And I finally had the honor to meet Cecilia Häggström, Velikij Kennel. She came directly …

Croatian Ornate Diplomas

We finally received the Croatian ornate diplomas of Bagrijana's titles: - Croatian Champion - Croatian Junior Champion CONGRATULATIONS Bagrijana!!

CACIB Sempeter and Vrtojba 7-8.11.09

I spent some time with my friends in Slovenia for a x2 CACIB week-end in Sempeter. We had fun and ended up very happy because Bagrijana officially closed her SLOVENIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!!! And Marta, my little sister, surprised us all achieving the 2nd place in Junior Handling (younger group) 2 TIMES IN A ROW with Borzoi Bagrijana. Here are the main results CACIB SEMPETER 7.11.09 - judge Mr. Petru Muntean (RO) BOB: Gitata di Roccabarbara (Alarico di Roccabarbara x Dajara di Roccabarbara) BOS: Russkyi Azart Ideal (Rassvet Svetleishiy Mirage x Zarina Razguljai Ty Tsaritsa) CAICB VRTOJBA 8.11.09 - judge Mrs. Barbka Novak (SLO) BOB: Russkyi Azart Ideal (Rassvet Svetleishiy Mirage x Zarina Razguljai Ty Tsaritsa) BOS: BAGRIJANA!!! (Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x Velikij Jalina) The complete results HERE Here are the pictures of the JH dogs which I used during the week-end: 7.11.09 = Alaskan malamute, Del Biagio Kennel 8.11.09 = Black Russian Terrier, Russian Diamond Kennel