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J Litter 4 weeks old!

The J pups are 4 weeks old today! So glad to see how they're growing. Some puppies may still ba available for a loving home. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

JUMANJI, red male

JAVA, red female

JENGA, red female

JANGGI, tricolor male

all J  pups

Java's smiley face

Heldar, new photos

Our lovely boy is quickly approaching his 7th birthday. I took adatage of his short stay at our house during the easter weekend to give him a nice bath and make new photos. I'm forever grateful to his owners for giving him all the care and affection he deserves.

CACIB Maribor & Pohorje (SLO) - 15./16.04.2017

CACIB Maribor - 15.04 judge Mrs Zeljka Von Zidar (SLO) I Have a Dream: vp1, PuppyBOB, shortlisted in PuppyBIS Fianna: exc1, CAC
judge Dusan Paunovic (HR) Gipsy: exc1, JCAC, JBOB, new SLO JrCh!!

CACIB Pohorje - 16.04 judge Mr. Geyr Flyckt-Pedersen (US) I Have a Dream: vp1, PuppyBOB Fianna: exc1, CAC
judge Mrs. Lisbeth Campbell (NO) Gipsy: vg
Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we couldn't make any photos AT the show... Gipsy 
I Have a Dream aka Rosie

I Have A Dream, 6 months old

I Have A Dream aka Rosie (Wolodja Tsar Borzois x Ca' Frosco Hiba), 6 months old. She attended her first show weekend last Saturday and Sunday and she behaved like a pro. I'm so proud of her and the job we're doing together. I hope we'll keep this going for many years. 
CACIB Maribor (SLO) - 15.04.2017 Breed Judge Mrs Željka von Zidar vp1 PuppyBOB and she made it to the final cut in the puppyBIS competition judge by Mr. G. Flyckt-Pedersen
CACIB Pohorje (SLO) - 16.04.2017 Breed Judge Mr G. Flykt-Pedersen  vp1 PuppyBOB 

Rosie in the puppyBIS competition on Sunday

I Remember You, 6 months old, new photos

Our dear YuYa is 6 months old. She's available to a loving home. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

J Litter 3 weeks old!

Puppies are 3 weeks old and cute as buttons. I can't wait for the moment when they'll be more active and steady on their feet and run around in the garden having fun. Some puppies are still available to loving home. Feel free to contact us for more information.