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CACIB Bled I and II (SLO)

Wonderful week-end at the Horse Racetrack of Lesce, near the slovenian city of Bled.
Thought the sky was dark blue and cloudy, in the end we passed two wonderful days under a shining sun, with the company of lots of good friends.

CACIB Bled I (11.06.2011) - judge Ms. Lisbeth Campbell (NO)
Bagrijana:  exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB

Ca' Frosco Hella Tantezampe:  exc1, PRM (=JrCAC), Best Junior Junior BOB

CACIB Bled II (12.06.2011) - judge Mr. Valerio Nataletti (I)
Bagrijana:  exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB

Ca' Frosco Hella Tantezampe:  exc1, PRM (=JrCAC), Best Junior, Junior BOB

Ca' Frosco Hiba:  exc2

Many many thanks to all who made these two days unforgettable. :-)

PHOTO-MIX (a few pictures taken during the week-end): 6:00 AM... beautiful sunrise on our way to Bled
Neza Jereb with Buxi (Tamalanna Buxus Semprevirens - Tamalanna Kennel) 
Neza Jereb with Kasja (Tamalanna Cassia Corymbosa)  
Samarcanda Good Night Kiss (a.k.a Klaus)

sweet Irish Wolfhound veeery interested in the contents of my pockets ;-) 

MEET US!! CACIB BLED I and II (SLO) - 11./12.06.2011

Our next show will be CACIB Bled I and II (Slovenija), on June 11th and 12th.
The International show will take place at Hipodrom Lesce, near the city Bled.

Hope to meet lots of friends! Best of luck to ALL exhibitors!!

CACIB Umag - 05.06.2011

Sunday we went to the International Dog Show Umag (HR), with the borzois. We we entered Bagrijana, Hella and Hiba.
It was a very pleasant day, especially because the weather was good (the forecast said there would have been rain), and of course for our friends who always make these days special.

The breed judge was Luis Catalan (P).
We're very happy for the results:

Bagrijana (champion class):  exc1, CAC, CACIB, BB, BOB
Bagrijana is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION*!! (*in homologation)


Ca' Frosco Hiba (junior class):  exc1 PRM (= JrCAC), Best Junior, Junior BOB

Ca' Frosco Hella Tantezampe (junior class):  exc2

BIS RING: Hiba in pre-judging ring for Junior BIS
Paola (Civitas Tergesti Beagles) in the Junior BIS ring. Paola kindly took pictures of our dogs while we were in the breed ring. Thank you!