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Bicycle Training

It seems that FINALLY the sun is going to stay in Trieste for the rest of the season. :-) So we decided to go out and start again our bycilce training. Every spring-summer we take long rides, usually with all the family and pack, in the fields outside Trieste. Today was a very special one because we started to train also our newcomer, Angie. Since she's a very clever girl, it didn't take her long to discover how to run alongside the bike. There were two of us, mum and I, with four of the pack: Kess, Diana, Bagrijana and Angie.
It was a very pleasant ride, and at the end we stopped and unleashed the dogs, so they could have a bit of fun.
After returning home, they all relaxed in the terrace, trying to catch the last rays of sun.

Here are just two of the many pictures we took with the bikes... we couldn't manage to keep them all still AND looking at the camera! ;-)
Here are the pictures taken in the field:  Angie is sooo fast!! Look at Bagrijana's ears! XD

Relaxing at home:


Our dear friend Cristina Merisio (former breeder of Golder Retriever - where we got Kess) breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs, and she just gave us some nice news: HER NEW LITTER IS BORN! Serious inquiries are welcome.
CONTACT: or +39 333 6736653 (cell. phone).
Here are some photos:

SIRE:  Christmas (Ita Ch Top Dog 2004 Oro x JWW00 Fridkullas Lilian)
DAM: Alpenbach Wai-kiki Girl (Great Bernina's Douhu Daneli x Janipan Hani) 
THE PUPPIES (3m + 2f): one day of age
10 days old

Kiki's previous litter:

CACIB Reggio Emilia and Modena - 13th and 14th March

I came back from a school trip in Sicily on Friday, in order to attend the show week-end CACIB Reggio Emilia and Modena. For Borzois there was a normal international show on Saturday, and the following day it was a specialty show.
We met there Elena Bertolini, who brought Dobrinja and Bagrijana's mom, Velikij Jalina, though she entered the competition just with Dobrinja.
I must say that it has been a pleasant week-end, apart from the horrible headache and sore throat that I had. We stayed in a nice hotel, where we found out that our DOUBLE room had actually 3 beds, which made Bagrijana really happy!!
Bagrijana enjoying her warm and cozy bed ;-)

On Saturday we were just 10 Borzois, while the following day the entries where 20. You will find complete results (sent by myself to European Borzoi website) HERE.

CACIB REGGIO EMILIA (13.03.10) - judge Mrs. Piisi-Putta Outi (FIN):
- Bagrijana: exc1 CAC CACIB
- Dobrinja: vg
BOB and BOS were Russkiy Azart Olimp Imperium Civilta and Russkiy Azart Pal…

CACIB Gonzaga

We set off early in the morning today to reach Gonzaga, in the province of Mantova. We attended the International show on sunday, since they divided the 10 FCI groups in two days. It was a very nice place, and we got a large pavellion with just 2 rings (one for Borzois and Golden Retriever females, the other one for the Golden Retriever males). Our judge was Mr. Yerusalimsky Eugene (RUS).
Since we were the first breed, we didn't have to wait long and they soon started judging. BAGRIJANA, who was in a wonderful shape, won exc1 in open class, CAC, CACIB and BOS!!! We also had a great time with Elena Bertolini (Ca' Frosco Kennel), who showed her handsome Dobrinja (actually, I was handling her).
Now Bagrijana needs just 2 more CACs at special or club shows (we have already 4 out of 6), and just one CACIB in a third country to finish the Italian and International Championships.
BOB today was Russkiy Azart Olimp Imperium Civiltas (Kennel Russkiy Azart).