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Bernese Mountain Dog at CAC Desio 18.04.10

I received the request from our dear friend Cristina to handle one of her Bernese Mountain Dogs at CAC Desio on Sunday 18th April.
I took the train Saturday morning and I was at her house around 3.00pm.
I spent the rest of the day getting to know this wonderful bitch called Couscous. She's lovely, and very funny too. We passed a very pleasant evening, together with Cristina, her niece Marianna, Couscous, Kiki (another Bernese) and her puppies and Nabi (a Golden Retriever).
Unfortunately the next day was not so agreeable. It started to rain as soon as we got off the car. In addition to this, we discovered that our ring was OUTSIDE the sports arena where the show was held. Luckily we had the opportunity at least to settle our things inside. We found a very little spot near a stairway. It was just me, Marianna and Couscous.
Anyway I must say that we were lucky that it stopped raining in time for our judgements. In spite of the fact that we met just the day before, Couscous and I did …