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Unfortunately for us Suthern Europeans no snow yet to enhance the holiday spirit, nonetheless we at Tantezampe wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

CACIB Erba (I) - 14.12.2013

Lovely news from Hollie's family! :)

CACIB Erba judge Mr. Amedeo Bottero (I) HOLLIE: exc1, CAC, ResCACIB
many many thanks to our dear friend Barbara Pensa for the photo!

San Marino Rally Shows (RSM) - 6./7./8.12.2013

Ok, we're finally back from the San Marino Rally Shows... many many shows, very little space to show on, and an extremely tense atmosphere for owners and dogs both. Anyway we managed to pull it off, and with some very nice results for our team. A little advice for future exhibitors there: I had a very pleasant stay at Hotel Rossi, furthermore dogs do not pay an extra fee, as opposed to many other hotels.

CAC Montenegro + Macedonia + Cyprus I - 6.12.2013 judge Mr Miodrag Vretenicic (MNT) Bonnie: exc1, CAC, BB, BOB
Hella: exc1, CAC, BB, BOB Hiba: exc1, CAC, MNT MK CYP Ch

CAC Moldova I - 6.12.2013 judge Mr. J. Golubovic (SRB) Bonnie: exc1, CAC, BB, BOB

judge Mr. Mile Aleksoski (MK) Hella: exc1, CAC Hiba: exc1, CAC, BB, BOB, MD Ch

CAC Montenegro + Macedonia + Cyprus II - 7.12.2013 judge Mrs. Paola Micara Watten (I) Bonnie: exc1, CAC, BB, BOB, MNTMK,CYP Ch
judge Mr. Sergio Pierluigi (RSM) Hella: exc1, CAC, MNT, MK, CYP Ch Hiba: exc1, CAC, BB, BOB, MNT, CYP GCh

CAC Moldova II - 8.12.2013
judge Mr. Pero …

CACIB Celje Winter Winner (SLO) - 1.12.2013

Freezing to death but with the sun shining brightly over our heads, the Winter Winner is an appointment we hardly miss if we can. This year was no exception, and we had a lovely time with many friends. Thank you!

judge Mr Christian Jouanchicot (F) HIBA: exc1, CAC, CACIB, Winter Winner 2013, BB, BOB!!
judge Mrs Anamaria Tarjan (H) Nightfire's Top Secret "BONNIE": exc1, CAC, CACIB, Winter Winner 2013, BB, BOS!