Our Other Dogs

During the years I shared mylife with all sorts of animals, from the classic first red fish all the way to Borzoi, passing of course through hamsters, ferrets, parrots, bunnies and cats.
I am lucky to share my life with many dogs, and many different breeds, each and every one of them is different and special in its own way.

SLO HR CH Ayka "Diana"
(Spok x Kyra)
Diana is our Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Show-trained by me, she did well in the rings, closing 2 championships in her career. She's not only externall beautiful, but she has a lovely character and a need to care and protect the members of our family that shows how much love she gives us each day. I will be forever thankful to Diana's breeder, Susan for granting us this lovely dog and opening us to a fantastic experience.
If you wish to see more of our lovely wolf, click HERE.

(Oro x Madrai Domus Lucky)
Our "oldie-goldie". Kess is a sweet tempered dog, and the best alpha one could ever wish for such a diverse pack. Calm and self-assured, she never falters and keeps her sunny character in every moment. Check out more of Kess HERE.


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